This is a new one for me

Ok, so i called to have (Gas) hot water heater elevated in the garage, the seller says to my client that there is a sticker on this hot water heater that says it does not need to be elevated off the garage floor. My client is still buying the house and is going to email me a picture of the sticker (if it really exists).

Have any of you heard of this before? The hotwater heater is an AO Smith 2005


There are heaters that do not require elevation. They have sealed combustion chambers and are labeled accordingly.

AO Smith does manufacture some water heaters that are flammable vapors ignition resistant. There is the possibility that there is a sticker attached, HOWEVER, the local AHJ may still require the elevated position.

Now the quandry…chances are unless this was new construction and recently approved by the local code enforcement, the installation/replacement of the water heater was done without permit. Now many will say that no permit is required to replace a water heater in their area. OK. In some areas it is. You need to know your area. If this was a replacement water heater and done without permit, what happens if there is a fire? How do you think the buyers insurance company would react if they found out? Payment denied…

You did the right thing. Call it out. Let the buyer decide. CYA.