This Is A New One

Parrots gone wild.



Lol looks normal to me

Do you own parrots?

“Now that you’ve had a Parrot” book included with the home inspection


Linas, you got mean parrots in your area to do that damage, or they are starveing of Fiber nutrients. :mrgreen::wink:

No Linas
but we do have rednecks .

Turn you baseball cap around. :wink:

Is that the problem lolol

Yah, wear it on the left instead of the right.

Chris, is that the smarter look? What do you think Wayne? Give us a picture. :mrgreen:;):slight_smile:

LOl do i need to cross my arms too?

:mrgreen: We will let you decide what’s best for the picture Wayne. Hell, could be your new Avatar. :wink:

Especially when wearing your sleeveless shirt.

Boy, the picture in my head is getting funnier by the minute. :mrgreen:

I found a picture of Wayne all dressed up.

Wayne in his Sunday outfit.JPG

Dam, I seen that somewhere.
Time to update the Avatar Wayne. :):wink: That is a good one.

Hey those my Sunday bests , Sweet lemonade mmm

Now that is one funny lemonade party dress up. ;):slight_smile: