This IS a test

OK so I found 3 cracked glass blocks when checking a porch.
They are outside a bathroom.
What do you think may have caused them?

No lintel.

That is what I suggested may be the cause.
Knew it would be a Chicago guy that got this.

You’re up early Bob.

Nice thing about owning a business is lack of need to punch a time clock.:wink:

Congratulations Bob… Your TEST RESULTS ARE IN.

HEIGHT = Average
WEIGHT = Above Average
WAIST = Wow.
IQ = Well below Average
PENIS = Must be converted to millimeters so you aren’t embarrassed.

Penicillin is no longer working.
Arthritis is spreading.
Feet are flat.
Back is bowed.
Hair is thinning as color is displaced by grey.
Gluteus Maximum is spreading.
Thumbs are stiffening due to excessive droid usage.
Eyes are failing. Coke bottles have been ordered.

But the good news…

Your sense of humor is still intact. :wink:

WOW all dead on except for the Penis part… Elliott’s are blessed.:stuck_out_tongue:

See eyes test result result. Those lens are like funhouse mirrors. You must have been watching Stuart Smalley too much. “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggonit, that sucker looks huge.” :mrgreen:

Stop,you are creeping me out.:frowning: