This is a weird one - plumbing vent question

A plumbing vent comes out of the basement box sill and goes straight up to the soffit. It is about 5 to 6 feet from the openable portion of the kitchen window and about 3 to 4 feet above the openable portion. This is on a mobile home. A gable roof was built over the existing roof. The original roof was not removed (so sewer gases wouldn’t be able to get into the house from the attic space). Would you consider this as a major defect or just recommend a licensed plumber make repairs?
Thank you for your help!

Not sure about Wisconsin, but all additions, modifications and alterations to manufactured homes, such as room additions, attached garages, covered porches, screened porches etc. etc. must be completely documented and certified by an Ohio licensed Engineer or Architect when using the home for structural support. BTW, the plumbing vent should be at least 3" and extend through the roof.

Thank you for your quick response!

I recognize the plumbing vent is not correct I’m just not sure how to list it in the report. Just recommend repairs or list it in the summary items as a critical issue? What is your opinion on this?