This is amazing!

I’m sure a good 90% or more of you have lost files on your computer due to a hard drive crash or by accident. I recently found a really cool program/online account that will eliminate the fear of losing files again.

Everyone has probably heard of online storage sites. Well, this is an online storage site but it’s also a syncing site. Not only are you backing up your files, but your files are synced in real time as well.

This works perfectly for syncing computers within your home or if you have partners/employees that are remotely working from a different office or from home.

Simply set up a folder/multiple folders on your computer to be “synced” and whatever changes happen within that folder (moving, adding, deleting, changing files) are automatically updated on every computer that’s synced. All of this happens instantly! It’s really an amazing setup.

I tested it out with two laptops side by side that I “synced”. I drug a file into my “synced” folder on laptop 1 and it immediately showed up in the “synced” folder on laptop 2. I deleted the file and it immediately disappeared. It works perfectly for my business because I have employees that work in the field and rarely come to the office. We always need to share files and pictures which can be close to impossible through email with large files.

It’s called SugarSync. They have free accounts that have 2 gigabytes of storage and it’s only $4.99/month for 30 gigabytes of storage. Check it out.

Not me. Privacy issue.

That’s understandable. A lot of people don’t trust having personal information on the internet. However, this is all I ask.

I’d also recommend checking out Mozy and Carbonite for backup (not syncing, but they offer more robust backup options) and Dropbox for syncing (IMHO better than SugarSync). Security is an issue, but in many cases you can set your own local encryption key so that even though they’re storing the files, they can’t actually read them.

Here’s a great comparison of the features of a lot of them.

The mobile applications for your phone is pretty sweet. Take a pic with your phone and it’s automatically on your desktop!

Can you elaborate Chris? What features do you feel are better? I haven’t checked out Dropbox yet, just curious.

OK I tried out Dropbox. Looks like it’s almost exactly the same thing except Dropbox is basically one folder that syncs and SugarSync lets you sync any folder on your computer that you want. That’s the only difference that I can tell. Am I missing something else?

kpierce, are you an owner or employee of ‘sugarsync’?

Nope, just impressed.