this is getting old.

Russell what is up with the software saying trial is over when I am a paying subscriber? This needs fixed.

Is this for companion? If your using a new device and you didn’t register the license to the new device then that’s likely your answer. Just happened to me last week.

Shoot HG an email.
They’ll set you straight.

I got it.

Hey Jeff. Yes as a subscriber once a month you need to go to Options>Inspector and license and then select activate. We plan to make the sw smarter in the future so you don’t have to activate once a month.

Having the same issue is a pain with multi. Might just do the one time payment and be done with it.

Just buy it and be done with it…

It won’t ever happen again after that

Our message should be clearer to explain to you to go to Options Inspector license and select activate. Then it wouldn’t be as big of a pain.