This is just wrong.

There is a new inspector in my area who just started a few months ago going around saying he is a Master Level Certified Inspector. All he did was take this course.

AHIT should be shut down and/or they should just drop the A and add an S.

Post the inspector’s website (yes, I know he is an InterNACHI member). I’ll direct him here so he can understand that he is infringing on an international Registered mark.

I just got off the phone with Chris form AHIT, they are going to have it all removed and the name of their course changed by next week.

Good going, Nick! =D>

Thank you

I thought trademark protected that specific variant of the name registered (certified master inspector or C.M.I. in this case) Is this to say that any variant that includes the words “master” and “inspector” are protected? Just curious…

What about Inspector of Master control database or Master inspector of facilities?


No, those aren’t in the same field and aren’t causing confusion, so they wouldn’t be examples of infringement any more than Apple Cider would be an infringement on the Apple computer company’s marks.

Okay now I am really confused!
So… If I’m drinking apple cider… I cannot use my Apple computer?\:D/\:D/#-o

Pas:…My “avatar” was a CMI logo. For some reason it has disappeared. Can you replace it?
I noticed that the same thing has happened to several CMI’s “status”.

Frank, you gotta go back to your profile and re-upload it.

InterNACHI made some “great” changes to their server, which caused just about everyone’s avatar and/or signature to go haywire! :wink:

Frank …

Ahit’s been a master of shuffle & slide marketing ever since I can remember.

Back in the early 90’s before we had NACHI, or hardly any state licensing, or many state associations, etc … Ahit seemed to teach their graduates to advertise things like:

I’m a CERTIFIED Home Inspector and I follow the “A$**” standards of practice.

9 out of 10 realtors or home buyers hearing that ASSUMED, the inspector was a

Certified A$** Member. When old “A” tried to address it they couldn’t … the inspector had NOT said what the people thought he said.

So is today with what you brought up any different than 20 years ago with the shuffle / slide marketing of some groups. That kinda stuff has been around forever and I’m betting it’ll be here after you and I are long gone.

Hi Dan! :slight_smile:
I know….But I could not help pulling Nick’s leg:-)