this is mind blowing

This is the inside of a garage, on top of it, there is a patio… noticed the main beam, it was actually made like this. the pipe that you see running down in the center is…a drain pipe. And yes the supports under are 2X4’s

Come On!!! That is beyond stupid! Good catch Patrick!

Not sure but it looks like the main beam is sagging quite a bit:shock:
Come on,… the whole thing might fall down without the 2X4s;-)



The sag is for the water to drain…;-):shock:

Love It or List It program?

Looks to me like someone took out the main post support so they could use the garage. That’s when the floor started to collapse and they “fixed” it using the 2X4. Idiots


Patrick, who are the owners: Dumb & Dumber?

Dam … Why didn’t I think of that?

ha ha ha it was a foreclosure, from the builder :mrgreen:

good thing the new owners had plan to tear down the garage…lolll…did i mentioned that the load bearing walls (in the house) where offset by 3 feet (basement versus 1 floor)…Here in Quebec HI gets some bad reputation…funny, no one is talking about builders…and yes, this ‘‘garage’’ was built buy a ‘‘certified’’ contractor…but he’s out of business today…

Can’t imagine why!:stuck_out_tongue:

You missed the trap leak. :smiley:

Oh my! and the notched joists :smiley:

OMG! And the stupid sistering. Did they get anything right. Nearly peed myself.

This photo ought to get some sort of award, thankyou for sharing.