This is never a good sign!

This is never a good sign!!! Pipe wrench hanging on the piping.

How else would you get the valve open?!

…or closed. :slight_smile:

Or it is handy when needed

GOOD POINTS!!! Thanks!!!

Those water lines would never pass in this part of the country.

Not here either. I was wondering when someone would mentioned the lines. They are not water lines. They are natural gas lines too the furnace and water heater.

. . . maybe the owner kept losing them, so he naturally place them next to the pipes, you “where’s my pipe wrench, oh it’s on the pipes” . . . ya, I don’t go for that either :mrgreen:

Is the white teflon tape allowed for gas lines?

Sorry Buck, but that’s not really a pipe wrench.
Some European cars came with those wrenches in a tool kit, making it an “adjustable spanner”.
I think Ian nailed it, it is there so the valve can be closed in the event of an emergency. And it’s useless for anything else, anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

John Kogel

The galvanized wouldn’t pass for gas lines here. I guess the plug is the drip leg. :wink:

Some very good eyes.

The plug is not being used for a drip leg. See the copper pipe behind the plug. The copper gas line fed a small wood burner heater. The gas line has been disconnected, wood burner no longer in operation. I will submit photo of wood burner later.