This is Nice

Just a little flexing and bulging going on here.

Square One Home Inspection 002.jpg

Not much flexing going on at the wrong end of a telescope Ian.
Seriously ,give us some res.:slight_smile:

Square One Home Inspection_002.jpg

Square One Home Inspection_003.jpg

Sorry Bob. Better?:mrgreen:

Better Bob? Sorry.:mrgreen:

If you’re still using XP, you can install this very useful picture resizing tool
that we’ve all known about for years…
Scroll down on the right hand side at

It’s called “Image Resizer”, and will give you a pop-up, when you Right Click on a photo, and the “MEDIUM” can be used on the NACHI site for uploading
without bumping into their ceiling size on images.

I’ve had good success with it.

No the pictures make the wall look all grainy.:mrgreen:

Actually (cough) ,what they do/ forget to nail in the lathe.?

Couldn’t tell for sure what caused the initial problem, but in the end they ended up getting water running in and then it looks like it froze in there and ‘popped’ everything. Now there is water in the insulation, drywall, you name it. Was an older home, that had been neglected for quite some time, so the causes could have been many items.