This is Not Helpful

From an advertising email today

You are receiving this email from Fluke Corporation because you are a
member of the **International Association of Certified Home Inspectors
and have agreed to receive emails from their partners. **

Ahhh, I was wondering if anyone else had the same thought. I also received it today.

Some one should send Fluke an email asking them to pull the ad…




I saw it over at Home Energy Magazines site about a week ago and was wondering how people would react to that.

Jason Kaylor – JJ
VP of Specialty Products
AC Tool Supply
Fluke TiS
Particle Counter
Tramex Encounter Plus

I am both surprised and saddened that Fluke would become a bottom feeder. I am also more pleased that I bnought a Flir Camera.

Fluke, you are “Fluking up” with this one.

That looks like one of Mike Holmes’ crew


maybe a name change is coming up, Fluke to Fraud

Fluke makes some great products and I have been buying their stuff for over 30 years but this is just stupid.

They need to fire their ad agency and start over.

agreed michael, very unpro on there part, I too have some fluke in the bag but FLIR on my side

I thought it was clever

I did an hour long interview for Angie’s List, to be published in several newspapers around the country (locally, in the Sun-Times). I stressed to the writer that IR cameras DO NOT see through walls and that this is merely an optical illusion caused by thermal bridging.

The article came out and guess what the headline was?

“Home Inspector’s new tool allows they to see through walls.”

Remember, like politicians, writers don’t know nothing, and many times just write what they want to believe and makes their story more sensational.

And this is different from the low end FLIR PoS that was released last year how?

I think both are below what is needed for effective use. I have seen the FLIR in action in the field and it was worthless for the ultility company auditor that was there at the same time as I. But I fail to see how this makes one company better or worse, they are obviously filling a market need. Cheap, ineffective cameras for inspectors or contractors or utility companies that want to say “we use IR.” Even though their IR is next to useless.

Thank you for the feedback. We hear your concerns and appreciate the knowledge represented by this community. Because of your input, we have changed the message to avoid creating any confusion. We will work as quickly as possible to make these changes to all instances of this campaign.

The attached is an example of how our campaign will look now.

Fluke Thermography

Good move…much better. :slight_smile:

Much better. :slight_smile:

I believe the marketing strategy with the TiS is to get the customer hooked at a cheap price and then move them on as quickly as possible to an $8.000 thermal camera. You can’t even change emmissivity within camera functionality with the TiS.

Thank you

The “see through wall ad” is still running as of today (Sept 1, 2010) on Home Energy Magazine website.