This is NOT the official Christmas Party Thread(tm).

Where are you Nick? Did Santa Nick put a lifetime NACHI subscription under the tree?

Wrapping presents. :grinning:

He was abducted by Kim Jung Un.

St.Nick is busy kissing someone’s mom:shock:

Great, now the INACHI forums will get hacked by “Best Korea” and all of our deep dark secrets will be revealed. I personally have 5 multi-million dollar movie pitch ideas in my PM inbox from various Nachi members.

He lives!

All I want for Christmas is a Lifetime Nachi membership :wink: and full days of Home Inspections

Wouldn’t we all, But our membership dues pay for Nick to do this once a year. I’ll take my schedule being book full days of home inspections:D

I agree, of the two, I would take the Inspection schedule to be full all year

Oh heck might as well be greedy … let it be full from now on.