This is ok right?

The home owner was very proud of this.

Sump pump in a bucket in the ground to accommodate the dehumidifier. Check valves in wrong place and connected below the drain line. Did I miss any thing? This is being submitted next month Marcel :smiley:

Your PIC’s are hard to understand. I see a pump in a bucket that has holes that appears to allow water into the bucket and a pump discharging into a sanitary Tee with no check in the discharge line. Its not standard to discharge into a Tee I see no other drain line into the bucket I’m looking at ground water where is the humidifier drain connected at.

I have more questions than answers

The dehumidifier didn’t drain anywhere. It just soaked the ground. The home owner put a bucket in the ground to accommodate this. He installed check valves at some random places in the gravity drains instead of on the discharge line. He connected the discharge line below the gravity drain with a sanitary tee instead of above it with a wye. LOL:mrgreen: I was kidding with the title…

I think the home owner tried to encapsulate the crawlspace himself

Looks like a misguided POS to me;-)