This is our least harmful Congress since 1947 in terms of laws passed.

The 113th Congress has passed just 58 laws so far, the fewest number of rules and regulations added since 1947.

What Congress needs to do is to start repealing laws and enforce the ones we keep. As it is now, it is impossible for the average person to know all the laws that affect everyday life. Those charged with enforcing the laws cannot enforce the laws because there are too many.

Thomas Jefferson had proposed a one-year waiting period between the time a law was introduced and could be voted upon. I’d like to see it that a law could not be voted upon for one year or while the person who introduced it is still in office, whichever is longer.

I fully agree.

We also should seize the assets of any legislator who creates more regulations than he/she repeals. For every law passed it should be required that two laws get repealed.

Nothing will change until we get rid of the lobbyists.


That was going to be my next comment! You beat me to it.

I have long advocated having “None of the above” as an option on the ballot. We also need term limits for both houses of Congress and the Supreme Court.

You are wrong Nick. There may be very few laws that were passed, but congress does not pass regulations. Unseen, unknown and unelected bureaucrats publish regulations and there has been a plethora of those. More from Obama than almost any other president. The regulations are what are killing us.

Tea Party is right. We need to put a stop to all new regulations. They are just a big drag on the economy.

If congress was subject to them all, things may be different, thats one I’d love to see added…

ie: Affordable care act? Maybe to some, but not this guy, mine has gone through the roof…

I think it is safe to say that most here have experienced the same.

Though the lefties here will have trouble admitting it.:shock:

mine policy is the same. no change.

Robert, if your annual renewal date happens down the road that’s when you’ll see the change. Not necessarily in Jan 1st. But I hope yours does stay the same, if you like it.