This is Unacceptable

[FONT=Arial][size=3]The bill requires written disclosures to be provided to customers prior to a home inspection. The
statements must identify that the home inspector maintains a liability insurance policy, the scope of the
home inspection, and identify the number of years of experience as a home inspector.
Paul J. Magrone & Karen A. Magrone
Home Inspections By Paul J. Magrone Inc.

The number of years in business should not be a mandated disclosure. I am not even sure that this would be legal or ethical for a state to mandate. Is there any legal president set in another state? Please petition the gonerors office with this paragraph. This is another attempt to funnel business to entities in business longer and is an unreasonable request. The customer can ask how many years you are in business but the state has no business making it law to disclose your years in business. Disclosure should be about your credentials.


You have to see the logic here the bill is lacking a Standards of Practice or a code of Ethics or anything resembling true protection to the consumer.

So… Once we are all licensed under this piece of $hit the licensing Nazis want to be able to use length of time in business as a determining factor, just another projectionist clause. Of course this one does not protect the consumer, just the home inspector.

The grandfather clause and this stupid language should be striped form the bill.

As usual, you are looking at little more than someone’s “legislated” marketing plan.

OK, let’s keep fighting. I doubt any honest politician would look at this and not see through the effort put forth by the lobbyist of the bill to affect the flow of business in the direction of some of the inspection companies that do not like the competition out there. Send letters. They hear us loud and clear. It is just whether there are more of us than there are them. The only way to find out is to give it all you got.

In your communications…show how ridiculous this is.

While explaining how some dildo who markets his “years in the business” has sold his congressman on the need for this language, demonstrate how a guy who did one home inspection in 1952, one in 1969, and another last week can…by this law…mislead consumers with the claim he has “55 years of experience as a home inspector”.

Mr. Magrone-

I had the sponsor remove the requirement to disclose the number of
years in business.


J.R. Burke
Director of Government Affairs

National Association of Home Inspectors
4248 Park Glen Road
Minneapolis, MN 55416
800-448-3942 (toll free)
952-929-1318 (fax)

Guys. We need to follow up and check on this. You have to admit, we have made some strides. Let’s send the letter for the standards of practice so that we could petition for more changes. We need to hurry because the bill is going to make it through committee.

Obviously we outnumber them but it should never be a question of mob rule; decisions should always be predicated on what is fair, just & honorable. If we move away from doing the right thing we are no better then those who are attempting to oppress us.

I think we all are trying to do what in our minds is the right thing. I agree there needs to be a uniform standards of practice. If we are getting our message through, then good. Those of us that feel legislation to protect the public should take all of the reasonable steps possible to do so, should be heard. Personally, I feel like this legislation needs more time so that the final product is not a result of only a few good suggestions, but the end result of what the majority of the industry would like to see as a whole and unless the bill really does protect the public, it has no business being passed.

Keep going Paul.

“Each bill when introduced shall include a statement of the number of years the submitter has occupied elective office, and a list of their 20 largest contributors in the 24 months prior to the submission of the bill.”

What sickens me is that it is home inspectors who believe that government intrusion will be a beneficial thing to our profession. Like making a pact with the devil.

As a part of the Bill…

Have the Legislators be required to disclose the number of Terms of Office that they have been Re-Elected…


Licensing is generally resultant upon the request of particular parties holding interest within the Industry. It is rarely (if ever) resultant due to Consumer demand.

I agree, do the Dr.'s have to say how long there in practice, if they pass the Med’s ,/ or the Bar, it’s good enough for me. This a joke state!

I recently had a conversation with an Individual (name withheld as they are not relevant) who related how he had torn an Achilles tendon while playing Tennis.

He went to the local (rural) Hospital where the Surgeon explained the process of surgery to him.

He ASKED the surgeon how many times that he had personally performed this type of surgery. The response was that he had never performed the surgery but would refresh and read a book that evening…

Would you allow yourself to go under the knife with this Surgeon in a similar circumstance?

Not enough information given to make anything other than an impulse decision.

No…but in the same spirit as those who write and lobby for home inspection legislation, I would allow you…and try to have myself “grandfathered”.:wink:

As I said weeks ago, NAHI is behind this legislation. They also lobbied not to have a repair provision until after closing.

I am glad JR finally came out of the woodwork.

I agree - I think its silly to have to disclose to a client how long you’ve been doing home inspections. I think something simpler like just identifying if you’ve been doing it Under 2 Years or Over 20 Years would be sufficient.

I inspected a buddies house about 10 years ago. I guess ive been inspecting for 10 years now. What a joke much, you can make the system work for you.

There is text book and there is real world. Many parts of this bill are text book and wont really have any means of enforcement.

Total garbage.