This is Unreal

What are they gonna do next!

Has any one seen or posted this! Unreal

Well, of course when they do it to Bush it’s not racist, it’s pin cushion therapy. :wink:

I love it! Everything the righties are doing just proves that Colin Powell made the correct choice. I had the chance to spend a week with him while in the military as his personal security and Chauffer while he was at Fort Bliss, Texas. That man is one charasmatic, genuine, intelligent and just all around nice guys. To me he is a born leader. All the stuff they grasp at is just making me laugh, its like watching a little kid just spout stuff out of his mouth without thinking. McCain is making his own bed and has made some very poor decisions with his pick of Vice PResident as well as the tactics used in his campaign. Poor choices typically lead to poor results.

I choose Obama for president, because he is the better of the two to choose from. So that means that I am following Warren Buffet and Colin Powell…I will hang with that crowd any day of the week.

Colin did exact what McCain said to do…COUNTRY FIRST

Now be politically correct. :slight_smile:

From the right side it’s, Colin Powell the communist and Warren Buffet the socialist. :wink:

Christopher, if you consider Collin Powell and Warren Buffet conservatives, you may have missed a thing or two.

It’s that I do not consider them either communist or socialist, which is what many, including some on this board, or referring Obama to be.

Obama is being painted as a Socialist for the simple fact that he desires to “spread the wealth around” by levying taxes on the “rich”

Shall we discuss all the ideologies that Bush has been painted with?