This is what change looks like....

Congrats to President Obama and all Americans. This is certainly “change we can believe in”. Good riddance to the insurance agency policies of the past.

We will all join you in that feeling ,once it becomes policy in place for a few years.

It’s a chink in the armor. The insurance lobby has owned Congress for many years. You can bet they will intensify their efforts…but the momentum is certainly in our favor.

It’s a great start of historic proportions. I’m proud of our president for doing what’s right instead of worrying about what’s popular.

Good news:

  • Kids can stay on parents policy till age 26. I have a 21 year old son who lives with me so I like this one.
  • Pre-existing condition issue resolved. I had 2 back surgeries this year and so I like this one.
  • Uninsured poor kids will be insured. I like this one.
  • Moral taxpayers aren’t forced to fund the murder of our fellow unborn citizens.

Bad news:

  • Spending a trillion dollars we don’t have requires more paper money printing which is a tax on savers. We can’t afford the government we have much less a bigger one.
  • Putting the government in charge of anything is another step toward socialism. Our government already took over insurance companies, car companies, and now our government took over the medical profession.
  • Law gives the IRS (of all agencies) 10 billion dollars (that’s 10 thousand, million dollars) to enforce the requirement that we all purchase a product, satisfactory to the government, from a third-party, for-profit insurance company. What will the IRS demand we buy next?

More good news:
-Insurance companies can’t drop you when you get sick.
-No lifetime dollar caps on coverage.


Gold… to da moon!

Lookin’ like that hopey changy thingy is workin’ out pretty fine tonite. :wink:

“I got your Hope & Change right here!”

The problem for the Dems, as I see it, is that tonight means that unemployment stays high for the foreseeable future. There is a direct correlation between what happened tonight and the job problem lingering.

Details will work themselves out over time.
Health is the most important part of life.

True dat, but we could never have gotten here if it weren’t for the corrupt health care system that rewarded management and shareholders by denying claims.

True. In small defense of for-profit insurance corporations… corporations by law (they have no choice in the matter) MUST act solely in the shareholder’s best interests. I sit on may corporate boards and it is not at the discretion of the management or board of a corporation to do anything else but what is in the best interest of the owners (stockholders).

Anyway, the pre-existing condition problem was what tipped the scales against insurance companies IMHO. It was too brutal to tell consumers that they could buy health insurance but not health insurance that covers their most pressing health concern.

America doesn’t operate for-profit courts, law enforcement, fire departments or military and those systems work fairly well, I see no reason for health care to be run on a for-profit business plan either.

You make a strong point. Fire departments used to be for-profit companies that would let your home burn if you weren’t a customer and had their emblem on the front of your home.

Health insurance companies certainly suffered from a conflict of interest, that being the ethical duty they didn’t have to their customers vs. the fiduciary duty they did have to their stockholders.

The government suffers from a similar conflict of interest. The interest in helping one citizen with money that it gets by harming another citizen it took the money from. Tonight they helped the uninsured and harmed the unemployed.

Pretty much anything that needs to be done will have a **negative effect,**either long term or short term.

Key is that this needed to be done,and the issue would not have gone away.

Republicans were so successful in hurting Union workers that had full coverage Medical and Dental plans over the years that millions who might have been covered before the Regan era are now left out in the cold.

Sorry to state cold hard facts about the Great Republican hero ,but he did exactly what many warned about.

His policies help nurture a working society of middle class workers forced to work as sub contractors ,rather than fully covered employees they once were.

Perhaps at first it seemed a great way to give large corporations higher profits , that would lead to less unemployment,but this left a gaping hole for many that now must use the long form and fend for themselves on the Insurance front.

The pay rate may have stayed the same even as benefits disappeared.

The problem with all this is that the high cost of Insurance and sending Johnny to a private school is not an easy choice to make.

Well here we are more than 20 years after Regan and what I said would happen then has come to pass.

Yes, every action has a negative effect somewhere.
We are just now begging to see the result of what happens when a Hollywood Actor becomes President.

I strive to get my info from as many diverse sources as I can. I received my weekly warnings from Dick Morris that President Obama was using this bill to set up “death camps” and when that became too obvious of a lie…the warnings came that the bill killed babies.

I also subscribed to several Pro-Choice information sources who have warned, consistently, that the health reform bill would put a strict limitation on abortions and go as far as to actually encourage insurance companies not to perform them.

I thought how odd it is that the Republican Party would stand against a bill that Pro-Choice people claimed would interfere with or stop the funding of abortions.

Today, I received this:

So there you have it from the horse’s mouth.

The Republican Party, the Tea Party and the Pro-Choice groups who advocate the killing of babies are banding together to fight President Obama’s health care law.

If you oppose this health care law…you, too, support the murder of children according to the President of this Pro-Choice group.

[quote=“jburkeson1, post:15, topic:48008”]

America doesn’t operate for-profit courts, law enforcement, fire departments or military and those systems work fairly well


That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard you say.