This is why there is CO?

Inspection 2 days ago. Turned on furnace and got CO. Called listing agent and turned off elec. and gas. Thanked me for not calling the POCO and having it red tagged.

Today, seller is saying the CO was because the propane tank was low.

Next time, will just have it red tagged and say f$$8k it, let someone else deal with it.

I don’t run into too may propane tank furnaces but how does a low level in the tank cause CO

It doesn’t. That is the problem.

So call POCO and have them red tag it.

I did not think so but thought maybe something new had come up somewhere

I will call the agent and let her know, do it right or I will.

Co is caused by a cracked or rusted out heat exchanger. If there is CO in a home above normal conditions there is a problem. Low gas will not cause CO in a home.

In an old rv I had, if the propane got low, the heater would stink like propane. I never tested for CO, but I did wake up in the morning.