This just happened to me

The customer paid me cash yesterday. I went to deposit the money today. The ATM rejected the $100 bill twice so I went into the branch to deposit the cash. The teller took the bill and said it was fake. He put it in a machine and confirmed it was fake.
If you look close it says motion picture money. I have never seen this before.

did they have a realtor ? if so call them…

It was a FSBO.

Did the realtor give them the money? Please…

Don’t fool around with it, it is a felony. Go to the police and report it.


I was surprised that the bank gave it back to me.


Give it back to them…or the FBI/ Local Police etc.


Is it a counterfeit? It says on it that its for motion pictures. I just didn’t notice it.
I will not try to pass it.


I hope he closes on the home.
I would not report yet & keep an eye on when it closes in who’s name.
If it works out that way you know where he is & it’s handcuff time.


If I were you I’d contact them immediately and tell them they better make it good with real money or I’m going straight to the police.

Interesting Peter being you’re in New Jersey.


People have been using those fake bills for years. IMO they’re not counterfeit, just fake.


Counterfeit bills are just fake also. The crime occurs when you try to use them to satisfy a bonafide (legally incurred) debt.


There is a fine line between the two, which is why the bank returned them to you.

The bottom line is… you didn’t bother to verify the bills that were given you (simply by reading them). If you had, they would have easily been observed as FAKE, and you would not have been duped and out the cash.

COUNTERFEIT bills are duplicated fakes, intended to be passed without detection, and often needing special training to be able to identify one.

Sorry you were duped, but maybe you’ve learned a lesson so it doesn’t happen again.


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Everyone is assuming the buyer knew it was fake and did this intentionally. Homebuyers are generally a good demographic and I’d bet there is about a 99% chance if you contact this one he/she will be horrified.

I mean let’s put ourselves in the shoes of a counterfeit money dude… Purchasing a home inspection would be pretty low on my list of quick/easy/non-traceable ways to get rid of my product.


Look, the guy may have been as much the victim as you. YOU did not notice, maybe HE did not either.


This does not seem like a hard one. Call up the client and tell them that oops, they gave you a fake bill and you need to trade them for a real one.


Interesting to note that this “Not for legal use” notes serial number contains the name of the beast, 666, (Revelation 13:18) both ways you hold the bill.

Would you have accepted Monopoly Money?? Same thing!!

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I only accept these


Place it for sale on eBay. There is likely a market for “Prop” money. If you could trace it to a particular movie, like “Heist” or one of the “Ocean’s” movies, it could be worth ‘huge’ money… no pun intended!! :wink: