This just might be the tablet to get

The following appeared in a ZDNet post. This HP tablet is supposed to be coming on the market next month. It just might be the tablet folks have been looking for. For what it’s worth, no endorsements are implied–they don’t pay me nuthin’ for passing the information on:

    **February 28th, 2010 **

HP unveils EliteBook touch business tablet; military strength, executive ability
**Hewlett Packard **on Monday introduced its first multitouch convertible business tablet, the EliteBook 2740p, for healthcare, education, sales, field workers and the enterprise.

The HP EliteBook 2740p weighs just under four pounds and is rugged enough to meet military MIL-STD 810G specifications for vibration, dust, humidity, altitude, and high and low temperatures. It’s got a hardened case and keys, metal hinges with steel pin axels and a reinforced display latch.


The EliteBook 2740p weighs 3.8 pounds and includes a 12.1-inch diagonal LED display (outdoor-view display optional). The system supports multitouch gestures, finger taps and swipes, and sports a six-cell lithium-ion prismatic battery for up to five hours of battery life (an optional HP 2700 ultra-slim battery offers up to a combined 11 hours). More at:

How much though?

The HP EliteBook 2740p starts at** $1,599 **and will be available in the U.S. next month.

Too much
Hasn’t HP had a tablet for the last few years at $999

There will also be a cheaper HP Elite 2540 for around a grand. However, all of these prices are list and the final price depends on the options. Another thing to consider in that price is the durability of the computer. These tablets are supposed to be built with magnesium cases and protected hard drives. A computer can get really cheap when you only need one of it compared to two or three of another brand. I found that out quick when it came to cameras.

We will just have to see where the prices go on these. I usually wait for several months after any product comes out to first see how the users rate it and second to see where the price goes. Sometimes, the price drops and sometimes it doesn’t. However, after a little time, refurbs and scratch n’ dents start showing up, as well as those that were purchased and then found to not be a fit with the purchaser.

Figure the longest you’re going to keep a laptop or tablet is 3 years. I’d go with 4 CTL2go’s for the same price. Looks like a great machine though if money doesn’t matter!

With a unit that big you lose portability.
There is a fine line between big enough screen and to small.

In general my impression is that 10 inch screen is about the proper fit for many.

I went with the Playschool :slight_smile: because I like the idea of clipping it to my belt and it will drop 3 feet with no issues for $399.