This lady rocks........simply amazing

You can truly never tell a book by its cover

That is the truth! Amazing!

That was awesome. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

All I can say is WOW!!!

Ever hear Gomer Pyle sing :smiley:

lol which is worse, that you knew about this or that you knew where to find the video of it online? LOL That was funny

What Jeff isn’t telling you is that it’s his wife. :shock:

LMAO Ohhhhhh… :wha?: :freaked-: ](*,) :ouch: :???: (8’) :nah: :wink:

Inspirational & Moving! In a time where judgement is passed often too soon! Stand tall Susan Boyle! Just watched it for the fourth time.

My wife is from the Netherlands, not England…and while she is stunningly beautiful, she can not sing like Susan Boyle…nor will she ever be as rich as this woman is about to become.

Face it, she can sing.

When I wrote this post only 3.2 million people saw it on Youtube…in less than 24 hours it has doubled.

While she may not be physically attractive her inner beauty (and sincerity) far exceeds 99% of the people you find on those type of shows. It truly was a privilege to listen to her.

Just messin’ Jeff. :wink:

I thought it was just me! :oops:

The judges on these shows just love to rake people over the coals at times. I played it over and over just to see the look in their eyes and the message of disbelief on their faces.

Susan is unemployed, obviously had a hard life and still not looking for a “bail out”. See her interview. I lost the link.

heres a link:

Neat stuff… I hope she does well.

12,116,512 views:cool:

13,663,878 views now.

14,730,096 views 6:35PM Central:cool::D:mrgreen: 9-10 of them by me.

18,663,852 views at 6:30 am…and still climbing…

at 1:18 Simon thinks she is a joke
at 1:24 the audience thinks she is a joke
at 1:35 the audience thinks she is crazy to be like Elaine Page
at 1:41 Peirce turns his head to laugh at even attempting to sing this song
at 1:50 Amanda smiles and appears to be hopeful for her
at 2:01 Simon is stunned
by 2:04 she has turned the audience around in less than 5 seconds…that’s how good she is…
at 2:17 the audience is at its feet
at 3:10 the hardest part is about come up with Amanda watching intensely to see if she can hit the note
at 3:23 Amanda is on her feet after Susan nailed it and the crowd goes wild.
at 4:03 Simon is actually blushing and looks like he is in love. (laugh)
at 4:26 she starts to walk off stage…she was just happy to get a chance to sing and is now ready to go home, that shows how sincere she is.

It funny to see how everyone is simply stunned.

19,233,462 at 10:32.
If I got this many hits on my site I would be the happiest man in the world.:wink:

A recording of Susan Boyle singing Cry me a River

It was for a charity album. Only 1000 copies were produced.