this looks like a cool site to quote

Thought this would be nice to give clients what the circumstances are appropriate

Does anyone read that stuff?
OH yeah ,you do.:slight_smile:

That is my point exactly.

Make sure that before you send a client to a website, that it contains accurate information, as you will be endorsing the website, thus being held accountable for bad information.

Read the Legal… or not… it’s only your business and reputation on the line!

Did you know that they said

. Users under the age of 13 should get the assistance of a parent or guardian to use this site.

Smart 10 year olds out there :stuck_out_tongue:

I send clients to Consumer protection sites and do not read the disclaimers as I"m not a Lawyer not do I pretend to be.
If the information is good it is good .Period.
Personally try not to be overly complex with this stuff.

:smiley: I am a Dork. There I said it. lol