This MB breaks record last night, most users ever on it at once.

This message board broke an all-time record last night at 11:35 pm for having the most users on it at once, 91.

Also, since launching this new message board at the beginning of the year, we’ve added 44,662 new posts in 3,904 threads…which amounts to about 33 new threads being started every day and 385 new posts being added every day.

:-;; 11.35 that’s well past my bed time

The server was actually jammed up earlier today because it was too busy and I couldn’t get online.

Busy…busy…busy! :slight_smile:


And we didn’t even have a NACHIonal dispute going - Hooray!

325 once, amazing!

I Can Say I Was On The Record Breaking Day!!!

Not to difficult with everyone spamming the message board with their service areas.


Could we at least just get a forum for those who want to do that. I’ve seen three or four just this morning.

Can you imagine what this board will be like if just the active posters do it. Don’t even want to think about EVERY member trying that crap.

Geez, you’ll never qualify for those 2 a.m. give aways:D :smiley: :smiley:


Erby, do you mean like people who are actually serious about serious stuff !!!

I agree, but then again, some people would never let that happen because they are just plain goofballs