This message board coming up on 3/4 of a million posts!

That’s more posts than all other home inspection message boards (including vendors, schools, and other associations) combined.

Since Chris will be the first and only person capable of figuring the specific post out, it would be a great time for a Nick Gromicko Phenomenal Give-Away. Football is over. Baseball hasn’t started yet. Golf is golf. And March Madness is so upside down this year, only drunk people can pick a bracket.

Cmon Nick… Make it interesting. :wink: :mrgreen:

The Bulls run for a Trifecta of MVP ,COY,and Championship is close.:mrgreen:

Was it me?
I think this is post 750,000

Nope this one instead

That was the one…

Got it.

Your Welcome. :smiley:

Winner!! I’ll take the lifetime membership please.

everyone likes a circus

Now, that’s a fur coat my bride will like…I’ll send it to her. :smiley:

Me…me…me…me…me…me !!! :mrgreen:

Must have been “me” as a Limo just pulled up.

Is that your side job Barry? :smiley: