This message board just topped 84,000 new thread starts.

And over a million posts!

85,000+ new thread starts.

Proud to help

how many improperly posted in the emergency only forum?


87,000+ new thread starts.

88,000+ new thread starts… and over 1.1 million posts.

I am newer to the forum and it has been a huge help. From product reviews to figuring out odd situations. This forum has it all (including a tad bit of drama from time to time). But seriously, thanks to everyone for sharing their experience and knowledge.

Ed Rossi
FL State Certified Home Inspector HI-1583
FL State Certified Real Estate Appraiser RD-3731
FL Licensed Public Adjuster A226670


So we are at about 14,000 meaningful, helpful ones??? :|.)

Most posts are helpful. We have a few negative personalities we’re dealing with, but they’re the minority.

Agreed, just joshin’ :cool:

Planet Internachi-resistance is futile :nachi:

You should double that soon now that Ray is back…:roll:

Not nice and not needed to be factious .

Just stating the facts!