This message board just topped its 27,000th registered user.

That’s not visitors folks, that’s registered users. We have millions of visitors.

Onwards and upwards!


Good stuff Nick, now if you would just stop FU%^$^ing around and squjash ashi those numbers will really jump…:smiley:


For those of us who does post here, we must be famous :slight_smile:

… and a total SEO windfall (for those of you sharp enough to include a live link to your inspection business website in your message board signature).

SEO impact from posting on the forum is HUGE.

I believe that it has helped my SEO.

Exactly…It helps in a huge way.


Just got our 28,000th registered user.

That was fast! In just over a month, 1,000 more people took the effort to become registered users of this message board. Wow.