This message board just topped its 900,000th post.

Big online party here when we hit our 1,000,000th post!

You should schedule the party to begin when the 1,000,000th post occurs, whether at 3pm or 3am, with no announcements within 24 hrs of the anticipated occurence! This will make it totally random, and allow some winners from members that aren’t glued to their 'puters just for the prizes.


Will this be a B.Y.O.B. ??..L.O.L.

Is my truck ready :cool:

How about a prize for the person who makes the most useless posts???

You will stop at nothing to win a prize won’t you, just like your inflamatory signatures you post. It’s all about Roy, isn’t it?

And the winner is the great** Whiner ** The Bully Jeffery Johnas

The truth about Roy. See my sig line.

Two can play Roy’s silly game but only one has to lie.

He is back the man with no friends and loves only him self .
I think others call that self abuse .I wonder do you need glasses now .
I would not want to see you go blind like your mother told you might happen if you carried on .
Michael I think is the most vindictive person on the NACHI site .
I feel sorry for Michael it must be a lousy life to hate so many people like he does .
So sad to see his hatred of so many people .
Too not respect the President of your country is very poor taste .
I wonder how he can even sleep at night with so much hatred .
I wish Michael all the best and hope he improves with his out look .
I do miss you emails and hope you soon get over poor attitude .

It’s nice to see we are all getting along.:slight_smile:

I could get along with MICHAEL .
But he has to get over his hatred of so many people first .
The poor guy has zero friends to bad so sad.

Where are Roy’s friend hmmm?

I’ll send you an email Roy since I don’t want you to think I don’t care. :wink:

Email sent. Enjoy.

Roy roy roy. The very small lonely man.

You know nothing about me so you just make it up

More lies.

When you were a home inspector, did you you lie to your clients too?

I respect the office of presidency but this guy has done nothing to earn my respect. Much like you.

BTW-I sleep just fine and I don’t have to get up in the middle of the night like a suspect a crotchety old fart like you does.

Thanks for your letter Michael .
You again confirm just how vindictive you are and how you love to bully others …
Thanks for showing me your signature line .
I still stand by my posts from back then I did nothing wrong except tell all just how bad the esop was and still is .
Still a complete farce with only one member Joe Farsetta.
Michael the desperate man with few friends .
Below is Michael’s showing how vindictive he is

----- Original Message ----- From: Michael Larson
To: Roy
Sent: Tuesday, June 26, 2012 1:10 PM
Subject: My New Sig Line

I hope you like my new sig line.

It’s all about you so you should love it.


You can argue with intelligent people but to argue with a mush head is like trying to grab fog-Thomas Sowell

Never underestimate the difficulty of changing false beliefs by facts. - Henry Rosovsky-Harvard

Michael Larson
Hudson, WI

Services provided in East MN and West WI

Roy, I was not on the ESOP when you were booted out and had nothing to do with it.

You dug your own grave when you took up with Wanda.

Some people learn from their mistakes.

Others are too arrogant to do so.

Guess which you are?

You always play the victim and everyone can see it.

My sig line comes down when your’s does but not until.

As always, it’s your choice.

P.S. Of course it will return when you start the same old crap you always do.

So Roy, do you have permission from Mike to post his Private emails to the InterNACHI MB???

This is not the first time you have done so, and I do believe it is against the InterNACHI MB rules.

Nick… care to rule on this, and resolve the issue of Roy posting crap in his Signature that may have an effect on another members business due to it’s being seen on all threads he posts on, including public threads.

Perhaps it’s time to make a rule as to what may/may not be included in a signature.

To all those that have a problem with new rules… blame Roy… the bad apple that started the crap and spoiled it for everyone!

I did not give permission for Roy to post email from me.

That he did so tells you all you need to know about Roy’s true character.

One word… Vindictive.

no, no, no, Roy is all sweet, nice and fair. just ask him. :wink:

Roy can’t handle the TRUTH

How can you guys possibly hate each other that much, have you ever personally met? Di one of you kill the others dog? Granted some message boarders i dont agree with, some are offensive, some seem bi polar too, but burry the hatchet already folks. No energy for a remanufacturing of hatfields vs. mccoys fued(Larson’s vs Roy’s?).

That being said, sometimes it is entertaining…