This metal garage door was alive!

My bet is the contractor sent over some junior romex yanker for this little job and never checked his work. It is clearly the ECs fault, one, for not getting a permit/inspection and two, for not inspecting it himself.

I tried to find something on the net about this story but all I found was a note on Joe’s BB, a little one paragraph report in the CPSC news and stories about how the TV station was suing YouTube for this video. Evidently dead kids in Kentucky are not that newsworthy. It is a 4 year old story so some of the reports may have “aged off” the news sites.


Good find

More than one problem

Could have happened even with 14-3 wire and the EC would have sort of been off the hook

Even with this being four years old it is still good training


Thanks Joe!

Good “food for thought”!
Something to think about when you are inspecting those old homes with new wiring and additions.

HI’s do not generally pull things apart (other than panels) but it’s only one screw! We also are exempt from detached buildings (for some reason). If it has electric, I always inspect the service (if nothing else). For HI’s that hide behind the SOP and think if they “go beyond” will increase their liability, if you inspected this property and not the garage because of the SOP, I think you would find yourself sitting right next to these guys at the gallows!

As Paul posted about HI’s w/o volt meters; this equipment can protect your a$$ not to mention your clients.

I really get on edge when I find grounded outlets on ungrounded circuits and houses with knob-and-tube and new panels.

By the way, good to see you back here Joe. I was just thinking about your absence on the BB. It’s been too quiet around here. :wink:

I just watched those videos. I don’t think I’ll miss checking a garage door ever! I hope those SOB contractors rot!

More Videos](

There are some very sad stories here, and some useful information related to the electrical industry.

So, does the 2009 NEC require GFCI protection for garage door openers?

From pp 11 at


Yes, garage door openers and every other 120v receptacle in the garage or basement will be required to be GFCI. All exceptions are gone.

Joe Thanks for the second video. It explains a lot. I knew there had to be multiple violations.
Richard, with 14/3 the uninsulated traveller would not have been there to cause the problem in the first place. The problem still lies squarely on the hack who hooked up a 3 way switch to 2 wire and used the ground for a hot. He might as well have shot that kid in the head with a gun.


Understand - The person should have his tools taken away

I see so much of the type of work in this area that it is a wonder that we have power at all

Feeding the Garage from an outlet was also a real smart move. In this area the local inspector would probably have passed the complete project from his car

As home inspectors we have got to look in every corner that we can


Wow Joe, This kind of thing can happen at any detached building. Remote panels need to be inspected. What a sad story. Another way to die. And to think there was not even a permit!!!

I think electricity in homes should be against the law. It’s simply too dangerous for folks to be trusted with it. :roll:

While we’re at it. ALL rooms in homes should be padded, and no sharp corners. Concrete floors should be outlawed. A minimum of 1" thick rubber pads on all hard floors. Someone could get hurt if they fall down. :roll:

Does ANYONE else here see a VERY scary pattern??? Am I the only one afraid of us “lawing” ourselves into a very dark corner???

I am TRULY worried for my children’s generation. :frowning:

The insurance industries rule the world.

And the lawyers.
Don’t ask me what evil things I think should be done to 80% of all attorneys out there. :twisted:

CPSC Hotline: 1-800-638-CPSC (2772)

CPSC’s Web Site:



Yes Speedy I also see the problem

How did we all live before the “CODE”



So, would you say the “one guy” killed the kid. Was that “one guy” and electrician?

case closed.

Yes, I thought I just did.