This month's ASHI REPORTER runs ad with Infrared Certified logo.

Thanks ASHI!


I don’t get that publication. Is it online anywhere?


yes, but i don’t see the logo or any mention of it in any articles or their search maybe i’m not looking in the right place, nick will straighten me out i’m sure :wink:

Nick must get a special edition - because the October “reporter” I have does not have the logo or mention anywhere. Hmmmm…

The doctor is into the KOOLAID again.


The logo is on page 17 in a paid advertisement from “Inspection Support Network”](

Their online magazine version is different from the print magazine. I saw the ad as well.

I’ll be a monkeys uncle, it sure is! :slight_smile:

Too bad there isn’t a web address or something that describes what “Infrared Certified” is.


Kind of like having a picture of a house, car, horse, or----:wink:

Yes, pretty meaningless without a link or something, I agree—:cool:

The outrageously recognizable Infrared Certified logo is everywhere. All REALTORs and consumers should look for the Infrared Certified logo when choosing an IR inspector.

Anyway, we get more emails about IR than any other subject.