This mornings inspection

Winter Wonderland! Bring it on! Yes, that’s fahrenheit.

I win, It is -3°F here right now and with the windchill it is -21°F. A lovely day here in canuckleville!!

holy moly

Congratulations? New at this and I wasn’t sure how the camera would react once I went inside. No problems. I do have a backup camera that I could have used, but it wasn’t necessary.

Los Angeles was weird today. Low 60’s…

Damn. You Albertans still using the Fahrenheit scale and us Quebecers are forced to use celcius. Only -34C or -29 F here tonight. Looks like I will be sleeping with the windows open again to keep the King Penguins happy.

Hay, put my fish and chips back in the fridge.

Yea. I would be heading south too.

All in perspective … 5 degrees is probably a heat wave in parts of Alaska.

Man and I was cold at 55F here in northern CA. Respect to all your frozen Peeps!