This PIC was taken with a Spectoscope.

Can that sucker see around corners ya took some nice pic of the drip line. I can see that and never exit the ladder??? :p;-)

And Don’t tell me roofs don’t have corners. I’ll say ya have never been on a roof:D

Yep, you can hold it sideways to see around a corner. Also, you can attach an LED flashlight to the end of it for attics and crawlspaces that are difficult to access. And yes, you can attach an IR camera to it.

Ask Charlie if he can look down the clay tile liners of tall chimneys from on top.
Or when the roof is all ice .

Biggest reason for climbing is checking layers and drip edges.(which is why one still needs a ladder even with the device).

One can see nailing patterns flashing problems and leak issues from the attic as well.

Regions also matter as I often encounter Flat buildings with locked hatches in which such a device comes in handy.

Im going to attach a 16K camera to some pole ya gota be ****tttting me.

I will make ya a promise I will purchase one on my 90th birthday:p:p:D

For everyone of these you sell you need to give a pair of pink ruffled panties to go with it especially to Bob and Gary:shock:

Macho Macho Man, Charley is a Macho ole roof climbin’ man! :wink:

But seriously, I love the iscope for all the flat roofs here in Bmore!

He just pounds the hatches open or glares at them and they pop open.

Charlie is like Chuck Norris.:smiley:

When Chuck Norris gets afraid of roof stunts, he calls Charley. :mrgreen:

Roof Hatches??

Charley don’t need no stinkin’ roof hatches!!:cool:

So next year then. :wink:

Cute but no cigar:cool: