This really is a great individual inpector's website.

I agree, great site Scott

I agree Nick, nice site.


Week Two A

Good luck Scott

Marcel :slight_smile:

Big improvement Scott.
You definatly mastered the box function in Dominics great template program.
I will try and tackle it this weekend.

Great job.

Yup, Scott has done an awesome job with the site and has been extremely helpful in suggesting new features to add to our site hosting. He’s definitely trying to push the envelop and I appreciate it greatly! He’s got 3 slideshows going on building a green house, a septic tank and shots from the green building in denver.

Thanx everyone. Give me some more ideas to throw at HAL. He still has a list of my to do’s…LOL

Really cool that I won the hosting right here at InterNACHI…

I would like to thank Dominic with Home Inspector Pro again.:mrgreen: I have been working with him on his Beta Website Hosting and he has always made time to listen to my input while all along reinforcing SEO. I recently loaded a friend’s non-ranked handyman website into one of his hosting templates and with in 2 days Google had his site with a page rank of 2. I have 3 other sites in the works.

I would like to offer my assistance with anyones HIP hosted site. I have several sites going right now and would be happy to share what I know so far.

Thanks Scott, that’s a generous off. I’m sure there will be quite a few guys who might take you up on that :wink: