This Saturday's Daily Door Prize. Read game rules first. Every member can play.

Rockies win 47 to 1

red sox 11
Rockies 5

Did I Win? :mrgreen:

Rockies 13 - Sox 7

Redsox 1
Rockies 0


Now that is a butt kicking!

Hey, I was in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area a couple weeks ago. First time there and it was great!

wife says 10 rockys 7 sox

At the end of 7 ½ innings of play, those still in this in order of probability of winning are:

Louis Agudo Sox
Curt Goyette Sox

David Macy Rockies
Mario Kyriacou Rockies
Bill Smith Rockies

Good luck to all remaining.

Bottom of the ninth inning, I predict red sox 10 rockies 5

Curt Goyette would be the winner with a guess of Red Sox 11, Rockies 5. Good job Curt.

Congrats Curt.

I just love to watch the my Sox beat the living shi+ t of those hankie waving Coloradans. (Sorry Nick and others)

3 Down and 1 more to go…I think the Sox should let the Rockies win tonight and tomorrow, so we can celebrate winning the world series locally on Wednesday.

Daisuke was the man last night

I’m looking forward to the parade.

Hey David, don’t you realise that all that white flag waving is a surrender.

Thanks, but I thought those were crying rags!cry4.gif


So who won the Daily Door Prize?

I think I did. But till you say so I am not counting my chickens. I really wanted this one to!


Yep, Curt is the winner with the closest score at Red Sox 11, Rockies 5. Posted immediately at the end of the game last night.

Curt, email me your shipping address: and Congrats!

Congrats Curt!!! very nice!!!