This should be an interesting fight

This should be interesting to watch unfold.


It does seem a bit over the top to directly call out your competition and make them look bad for the sake of making yourself look good. It seems like Fluke would be smart enough to know that FLIR would respond with legal actions.

I don’t like the way several of the big home inspection franchises sell territories to anybody, train them to do a checklist inspections, then advertise them as the best home inspection available. I still wouldn’t ever make a commercial or publicly advertise negative stuff using another specific company name.

I would be willing to bet that Fluke ends up taking a swift shot to the seeds for such a marketing attempt.

I’m looking forward to the verdict. Go get em’ FLIR.

Where can this video be found?


I think John posted it here in an earlier thread. You can also just google “fluke drop test video”


I would not be surprised to hear about a lot of personnel changes at Fluke product marketing!