This was a new one!

First time homebuyer wants to do practically every auxillary test there is.

Radon, mold, termite, chimney and… Radiation?

He says that if someone lived in the house that was undergoing
radiation treatment that radiation can linger in the house for years. :roll:

Of course I told him I’d never heard of such a thing before and that I didn’t use a geiger counter on inspections.

Where do people come up with this stuff? :shock:

Sub it out… Sounds like big $$$ to me.:slight_smile:

Just checked out geiger counters on Ebay, pretty cheap!

But I guess I’ll need a radiation suit as well, man I’ll
have to charge a bundle for this! :wink:

I have heard of radiation. Not sure if there is anything to it or it is just snake oil. I know that an Xray is only about as much radiation you get from standing in the sun on a sunny day. Not to sure how bad it would hurt you but who knows sounds like $$$ if you don’t need special licenses or training to do it.

On a side note a geiger counter does need to be calibrated on a regular basis so one off of e-bay would only be half of the battle.

Of course I meant that I’ve never heard of testing for radiation on a home inspect before.

No, I’m not going to be getting a geiger counter, I’ll just try to educate the buyer on this topic!

EMF testing, Google it.

Electromagnetic field testing is different than radiation testing.


Which part of the spectrum do you intend to limit your testing to?

EMF testing is for houses near power lines typically.

Better consult with Dr. David Bruce Banner!

If that were the case hospitals & Dr. offices would be highly contaminated.

Did he want you to check for Anthrax as well? :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t be too safe in today’s world. :smiley:

Good post Mike.

Take a black light back to the house and tell him everything glowing is radiated. :mrgreen:

Radiation therapy will cause me to be radioactive.
Only in certain cases. If you are treated with external radiation, you will not be radioactive at any time. The radiation you receive delivers its dose to your tissues within an instant — there is no lingering radiation once the treatment machine is turned off.

Great point.

Thomas I was doing some research on the Kansas website and came across this PDF about NORM it made me think of you and this post.

Here it is

Thanks Taylor, I’ll forward it to the client so he can worry about that stuff too!

I’m thinking I should get into Ebola screening too! :wink:

Haha the things that scared house wives will buy. :smiley:

Had a lady worried about EMF before…she had her own test equipment for that, a step shy of Ghostbusters gear.

The internet can be hazardous for some consumers