This was FUN inspection Yesterday

Sure enjoyed inspecting this buidling yesterday
Built 1897. Downtown Denver.





Rick, nice pictures, what was the condition of the building?


Nice building!

It looks like the owners made quite a few modifications including a rooftop patio. From what I can see it looks like a very nice reno.

Did you find many defects?

How did you price that inspection, by the square foot??

It was a very nice bidg. Minor conditions were present. They wanted to know what my thoughts were on the planned additions and modifications. They pay me $250.00 an hr to walk around cuss and discuss with them what they hope they can do and I am there more or less as a Devils Advocate. Giving them alternative ideas and possibilities.

There were a couple of Tenisioning rods loose, the lift station in the basement float switch was burnt out, by passed it and pumped it out for them. Asked them about the fire that was evidenced in the back garage area, no one even knew about it. The rafters in one area had been cut and not properly reattached and supported. The roof mount HVAC needed some sealing around the plenum attaching points. They plan on an upscale bar and use the loft area as an exclusive area, build on 5 stories in the back where the garage is as lofts and a large deck on top of it all. Very hot area right there.

Here are few more pictures.

I have been a quazi consultant for them for about 5 yrs now… What amazes me it that they have 2 IN GA NEERS and an ARCH I TECHY on staff. They buy and develope commerical properties and apt complexes… They always call and reserve a minimum of 5 hrs with me and then buy me lunch or dinner and beverages and we cuss and discuss what they want to do after we walk through the place.







A few more pictures






and the last one of that cut rafter

they thought it was just PAINTED BLACK, :wink:



Now I know why you enjoyed doing this inspection.

I live in a 100+ year old building myself and I have completely renovated it to suite our lifestyle.

Good call on the Rafter!!