This week's (April 13) $100 Most Helpful Message Board Poster Contest.

Post the name of the member who you think makes the most helpful posts.

Don’t vote for yourself of course. Suggest as many (different) members as you like.

There is no sense in voting for past winners as they are ineligible. Past winners:

  • Jeff Pope.
  • Marcel Cyr.
  • Roy Cooke.
  • Charley Bottger
  • Russel Ray
  • Randy Mayo
  • Bob Elliot
  • Jeff Jonas
  • Steve Stancyk

We’ll send the winner a check for $100.

If someone has helped you on the message board, post his/her name.

This contest is going to run at least once a week for a while.

Cameron Anderson gets my nod this week. He has posted multiple helpful posts over the last week. Good stuff imo.

Ray Wand

Congrats and mine is being sent out to someone I found needy.
No video of interaction…was a bad idea.

Ray Wand.

Pete Campbell.

Michael Clark.

John Shishilla.

Dave Macy

Russell Hensel

Cameron Anderson

He personally has helped me with HIP mobile and he always has constructive posts.

Thanks Cameron, you are a true professional!!

Oh, this is no bull Sheit!!

Hmmmm thought he won already.Guess not.

Actually I need to contact the man myself…Okay better suck up here … vote for Cam.

Yes, please vote for Cameron. (This mobile stuff is not my strong suite)

I I do appreciate the vote Bob (thanks;-))

My vote goes to Cameron Anderson for always being helpful.

Though I was strong in the running a couple weeks ago (I think JJonas took it by a landslide when the banning issue came about), I don’t think I’m as helpful or knowledgeable as some of the others.

Either way, please donate to your local State adoption society. Having adopted two great kids, I know from experience how rewarding it is, and State run adoption agencies struggle monetarily to keep up with clothes, food, foster, and outreach programs. These kids deserve a chance at a life.

Cameron Anderson

Cameron Anderson has my vote

Forcing myself to transition as well.[bulk] not total.

cam Anderson, good choice!

Cameron Anderson.

Send Cam the money and lets start Easter week early!!