This week's (Jan 10, 2017) Tuesday Night Auction: $5,000.00 CMI Total Package.

Thirty one Washington’s and three Lincoln coins and a bag of Troll Mix :lol:

32 dollars 1 bag of opened Doritos and 1/2 a jar of cheese dip.

34 dollars, one of my home made pizzas, … and a beer!

Thirty four in stripper $, one hamilton coin, some mashed potato pancakes, scratch the pancakes we ate them all for breakfast… so a bag of Troll mix and an ice cold beer… it’s up to 50 degrees here. :lol:


$35.02 and one can of Authentic Hormel Spam direct from the Spam Museum in Austin, Minnesota…

$35.05 and 6 chicken backs ready for soup.

Thirty five in stripper money and an Eisenhower coin and a peanut butter banana pancake.



$36.73, Philippine balut and a beer

$36.77, A bottle of dill pickles and a 6 year old fruit cake.




$37.52 and I see your can of crappy beans and raise you 2 cans of…

$37.53 and a one months supply of…

$37.81 and a 12 pack of…


Thirty Eight Washington bills and 2 pennies and a bottle of Florida sunshine.

This is what all y’all need. Or have overdosed…