This week's (March 16) $100 Most Helpful Message Board Poster Contest.

Russell Hensel.

Dan Bowers

Jeffrey Jonas

Dan Bowers

Randy Mayo:)

Dominic (HIP)
Wager (thanks for mentioning my name)

If Nick keeps this offer for 2-3 years I may have a chance.:wink:

Chris Morrell

Dom M.
Chris Morrell.

Nathan Thornberry!

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I’ll second David Macy.

David Macy

Dan Bowers
Ray Wand

Nick Gromicko

David Macy

You deserve it and the others I mentioned, there are a few I missed that I would add later.

Last day to vote.

And the winner is Randy Mayo.

Congratulations Randy. We’re sending a check to you at the address you have listed in

Many good nominees. Congrats Randy!

Congrats Rany