This week's (March 23) $100 Most Helpful Message Board Poster Contest.

Post the name of the member who you think makes the most helpful posts.

Don’t vote for yourself of course. Suggest as many (different) members as you like.

There is no sense in voting for past winners as they are ineligible. Past winners:

  • Jeff Pope.
  • Marcel Cyr.
  • Roy Cooke.
  • Charley Bottger
  • Russel Ray
  • Randy Mayo

We’ll send the winner a check for $100.

If someone has helped you on the message board, post his/her name.

This contest is going to run at least once a week for a while.

Michael Clark

Ray Wand

Bob Elliott. Week in and week out Bob is always willing to help and share his expertise. His tech posts have helped me tremendously.

I’ll second Bob Elliot.

Agree. Bob consistantly assists on the tech side of things (in particular).

I agree Ray Wand he has help BIG TIME especially with his infinite knowledge on many law suits .
Saved many much money.

Need help call Ray

Bob has been quite helpful to me on computer program issues :slight_smile:

Bob Elliot

I’ll second Bob Elliot.

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Oh damn.
Hate popularity contests but thanks for the thoughts though unfortunately want to be known for inspection skills…go figure.

If I win by some freak accident [early in the week] please simply pledge it in my name to Salvation Army to help those in need.

They are the only charity I donate to other than giving it straight people on the street.

If it goes to me it will go to the first person who looks desperate.

Thanks for throwing my name in the pile, Nick, I try to be helpful, but I do believe I have a way to go…
Bob Elliot**

Bob Elliot.

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I agree… Ray Wand

Bob. you deserve to win, you are always trying to help and you have posts to warrant the $100.


Larry Kage

Bob Elliott

Second choice would be:

Condo Bob

Bob is very helpful to many people on the board.

Bradley Toye for post #6 in this thread.