This week's(Nov 22, 2016) Tues Night Auction:GIGANTIC $5K CMI Inspector Boost Package

This is such a killer deal. You get two years of InterNACHI dues, that alone is worth nearly $1K.

Good point. :slight_smile:









winner winner chicken dinner

Hard to “snipe” with so much lag. Lol

I’ve missed out 3 weeks in a row. It was lagging a bit though. Good luck to everyone next Tuesday and Happy Thanksgiving.

Looks to me Brent Shoemaker won. He was the highest bid before 9pm.

Check again, thread #25 wins it. Birthday present to myself :slight_smile:

Hi folks. Looks like we have a tie! Both Brent Shoemaker and Frank Jensen placed $1100 bids at 8:59PM. The auction ends at 9PM MST, so any bids placed at 9 or after do not count. Brent and Frank, I am emailing you payment and shipping details now. Thank you!

Excellent, thank you

Wonderful, that makes my day :slight_smile: Happy Thanksgiving everyone