This week's (October 3, 2023) Tuesday Night Auction for Kids: One ounce of GOLD!

Inflation is not going away. Store some real money.

This week’s (October 3, 2023) Tuesday Night Auction for Cozy Coats for Kids is U.S. gold eagle. SP70 Specimen Proof, Burnished.

Good-looking coin. PICs are of the coin you’ll receive.

Read more about storing gold as an inflation hedge:

Auction items are being provided by Nick Gromicko .


  • Auction starts now and ends around 7PM MST (9PM EST) on Tuesday night.
  • Winner will be the post with the highest bid as of roughly 7PM MST (9PM EST).
  • You can bid as many times as you’d like, as long as your new bid is higher than the previous bid.
  • Winner agrees to make a donation to the Cozy Coats for Kids charity for the amount they bid.
  • Winner’s company, company logo, and company contact info will be listed/promoted on the Cozy Coats for Kids’ Donors page forever… an added bonus for winning.
  • Inspector Outlet will contact the winner for shipping instructions (shipping included).
  • Maggie will contact the winner for payment.

Total approximate value of this item with shipping: No clue.

29.95 :palm_tree: :palm_tree:

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$250.00 :wink:

$500 for the kiddos

What’s the rush to spend your money?
This “auction” doesn’t close for damned near TWO MONTHS yet!!

#savethechildren go see Sound of Freedom and learn about child sex trafficking.
Five hundred and $17.76. For a total of $517.76.

517.76 and 17.76, for a total of 535.52. See what I did there? :grin:


$500.00 + $17.76 + $17.76 + $17.76 = $553.28
I did something similar, David. :grin:


My bid is $600.


I’ll see Peter’s bid… Plus $18.65, (from another very important date in US history), for a total of $618.65


I’ll bid $625.00.


$700 for the kiddos

$717.76 from me.


I’ll bid $1111.00 :slight_smile:

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Let’s go $1200

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$1300 for the kiddos

Let’s go :face_with_peeking_eye: $1984 :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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$2,000 for the debased currency bros…and the kiddos

Let’s take it to $2,100

I’ll go $2150