Thompson Sub-Machine Gun

Anybody got a working Tommy Gun

You can get one here:
Most of them are “email for price”. You know what they say, if you have to ask how much…

This guy had a couple of Reisings, but I see now that they’re sold.

This is me shooting a Thompson several years ago. I had it set to semi-auto at first, but then John showed me where the go-switch was and that made all the difference, lol.

I could be wrong but I think some States do not allow them ??? Roy

Andy -

Nice site with several Tommy Guns … Some state NEVER used. How Cool.

Girlfriends brother (deceased) was ex-military OR federal agent of some type had several AK’s, Tommies, etc / Just recently sold them. Great investment I’m told.

Plus they say they’re great for part of your personal home security system (Rotts, concertina, claymores, etc).

Existing supply is all that there is ever likely to be. Full autos manufactured after 1986 cannot be sold to civilians. Unless the 1986 ban gets overturned there won’t be any more to fill demand. Simple law of supply and demand makes them a good investment, as long as the law doesn’t change. AFIK A registered sear alone can run into five digits depending on the firearm.


Look on page 3 of the February Lealtherneck magazine or go to

Submachine guns (or machine guns in general) are much better for suppressive fire than they are for self or home defense. And there are better submachine guns than the Thompson for that purpose. Take the Carl Gustav Model 45 for example, much more accurate, and cheaper to shoot. I can’t afford to buy ammo for any of those bullet hoses, lol.


Yeah, that’d probably work.

Rottweilers are wonderful dogs, I used to have a couple.
They’re pretty intimidating visually, but they don’t have a particularly high pain threshold. Luckily there are very few people who want to test that theory.
Unfortunately, my homeowner’s insurance (and pretty much all others) won’t allow me to own one, even though Labrador Retrievers bite more people than Rottweilers.

Concertina wire is good on top of a fence or on a berm just past your moat, but it tends to make you look a little paranoid. :stuck_out_tongue:!-!HGKMKM!-!zrzor45!-!NJQQPLRE-JEED-HDHP-MKQD-SQFSQMDNEJMP!-!72y1nq/zombie-moat.jpg

Buck -

Lets order us a couple Marine Corps special editions … look cool.

Andy … Youse right in a way … Home defense weapon of choice has always been a sawed off pump 12 gauge (1/4" over legal) with pistol grips and loaded with “00”.

Whether they can speak engalise or not, the racking of a pump pointed at their head seems to be a universally understood language.

Like youse said, labs probably bite more folks that Rotts or Pits combined BUT they just don’t have the “oh heck I just crapped in my pants” effect on people that a VERY big AND very angry Rott does.

Yup, Brian’s got it-
Auto-Ord is current maker.

Best fun I had was firing an old clunky .45 ACP “grease gun”, back in the day!

For fellow 1911 guys, look up the “Mech-Tech” carbine conversion; lotsa fun!