Thornhil Roof

We had a metal roof installed on our new home in Independence, Louisiana 2 1/2 years ago by Ashore Construction, Ponchatoula, La., and are having a problem with soffit rot. The roofing contractor is saying the fault is not his, that the problem is with the soffit and paint job. The contractor who framed the soffits has agreed to make the necessary corrections once the roof problems have been addressed. I have contacted two home inspectors for written reports to submit to the roofing contractor for repairs. The home inspectors agree there is a problem with the roof but will not submit a written report to me because they say it will make them liable. I have since located a Roof Inspector, Pitts Roofing in Mandeville, Louisiana who came and inspected the roof and also agreed there are problems. I have called him numerous times and he keeps saying he will submit a letter to me and I have yet to receive it. I even went so far as to take notes during the inspection, draft a letter for his review (he said this would help speed up the process) and submitted it for his review/revisions. We started all of these inspections around March of 2014 and the issue is still not resolved because I cannot get anyone to give me a written report to submit to Ashore Construction who installed the roof. Can you recommend a metal roof inspector in my area that would submit a written report to me? Baton Rouge and Covington areas are close to my home. If it would be helpful, I can forward the letter I prepared for the inspectors review/revisions.


Christine Thornhill

Try contacting the metal roofing manufacturer and see if they have a rep in your area. Then, contact him for his opinion.

That or get a Haag certified roof inspector to do a report. I have done them and the liability to me was not worth worrying about. You pay for a professional opinion and that’s what you get. A home inspector may not be the best choice for what you need, a specialist is what you need. I have done enough roofing to qualify for some applications, no big thing.