Those darn Adjustable Rate Mortgages

Foreclosures in your area today.

The numbers are Way up…:shock:

They are expected to grow even more with all of the creative mortgages written in the last couple of years. Not a good time here in Dallas area to be an RE Investor in the sub $140K home market. Also with the large number of new homes under construction it is having an affect on existing home sales from $140K+ as well.

Might not be necessarily good for flipping but for buying, holding and renting, seems pretty good! I hear the rental market may be a little soft however, but forclosed folks gotta live somewhere.

I should of said in Arizona, California, and Nevada…they are way up!

Texas looks to be in damn good shape, comparably.

Well, if you need to refinance out of your mortgage Dale just let me know.:stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Oh lord your a riot.

How does your wife put up with you?..:stuck_out_tongue:

He’s got a big peahole! :smiley: With bears in it!


If only that was it, most times she can bearly stand me.:stuck_out_tongue:

Colorado way up also…I didn’t follow your link…but the 3 realtors I deal w/ for servicing their foreclosures are very busy. Good for me…good for the realtors…bad for the economy.

I am picking up a foreclosure in the coming weeks for about 40% of fixed up value…I am not worried about selling it at all…even in a market such as this, there is always somebody looking for a sub 130k home…in my opinion that market (IN MY AREA)…is always relatively stable compared to the high dollar homes.