Those of you who have a truck as your work vehicle

Did you put a bed cover or a topper on, and why?

I use a Tonneau Cover, It keeps small items dry, and if you have a large item you can easily remove it. It is great in the winter, No snow in the truck bed.



How big of a ladder do you carry?

I do the same as Scott. I have a BakFlip cover. Even going through the car wash the bed stays dry.
I carry 12’-6" and a 16’6" telescoping ladders. I have a drone also for steep pitch and when the roof is wet or snow-covered.


I use a cover as well. They are useful all the time.

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I use aluminum tool boxes and a ladder rack with a 24’ extension ladder. There are two step ladders in the back of the truck, one is an adjustable Gorilla ladder that can adjust from 5’ to 20’.


Fiberglass topper with racks , because of the extra space and keeping things dry. Strap on longer ladder on top racks if needed, or a boat when it’s fishin’ time! :grinning:


@jfudge Where is that challenger? Is that a recent pic of your truck? If it is what is that white stuff.

I had a locking tailgate and one of these…It was great and could put up to 600 lbs., I believe, on the top when closed…I had one on several trucks with a slide out drawer that I made.


@sbridges2, We decided to wait until after winter to get a Challenger. Not a recent pic of truck. The white stuff will come soon enough. The beautiful fall colors are starting to come in here now.

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I have a aluminum toolbox and ladder rack from Highway Products.


I put an Undercover tonneau on mine, light weight and locking. I love my oversized trunk.

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I use the Highway Products bed box and rack.
Low profile and the back latter rack comes off for the car wash

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That’s what I have. Love it

Ditto! It also helps keep honest people honest by out of sight, out of mind!

I have bed rug liner and lo_pro tuxedo soft cover. It never leaks and the bed rug is fantastic it absorbes all sound, no tool rattle. Does not stain.

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I got a hard cab with integrated locking back lift window. Wish I hadn’t gotten it, would have been better off with one of the hard folding covers that lock, that way I can flip it back if I have to transport something tall, and most of those folding covers lock so you can keep tools and stuff back there all the time. And you can’t see in so no one really knows it there…except they can assume it when they see the graphics on the truck as to what you do. I had to spend time with a couple low lifes once, and they told me they see Home Inspector trucks and they target those trucks to break into, looking for a drone or some high end tools like sewer scopes, ladders, cameras, etc. Said almost all the stuff they get out of the truck can be sold quickly and for a good price, and is fairly untraceable. The scumbag actually said, “you should be thanking us, you have insurance so you can collect enough money to usually upgrade your tools. You know otherwise you wouldn’t upgrade most of those tools, or get rid of the ones you don’t use.” Somewhat true, but it puts you out of commission for a few weeks until you can get all the essential stuff replaced.

I use a back flip with a little giant 15’ extended ladder

And a telescope being 15’ ladder