Thought this was funny

It is an attachment.:mrgreen::mrgreen:

I cannot open your file.

Hey, John.

There are lots of free zippers and unzippers on the market to unzip his file. Google “unzip” and go from there.

RR, the file does not unzip for me either.

I had no problems, although I don’t understand why he zipped it, unless it has more files than just the one that unzipped for me. Nonetheless, here it is. It is funny. Note the license plate, too. And it’s a California license plate.

Your link doesn’t work RR. Oops guess I was too fast. It works now.

I knew just as I punched the save button here that you’d be waiting there. I should have uploaded the file first. Darn early morning margaritas. :margarit:

Here is the pic if you have trouble opening it.

That is some funny SH*T right there!:smiley:



You have got to be SH*TING me! That is an eye catcher for sure.:smiley:

The right name for the right job…:slight_smile: