Thoughts on DJI' s Newest Drone

Curious about you guys thoughts on DJI’s latest drone, the DJI mini. It is under the weight that can be regulated by the FAA. They might could still get you because your using it commercially. It sure would be nice to not have to deal with all those hoops just to use is 25 ft above a roofline.

I am also curious about these new minis

Ooo under 250grams and good quality video. Game changer for Canadians.

I think cause we are using commercially we still stuck but they look awesome

A friend who is a drone enthusiast thinks they may change the regulations just because of this new drone (lower the weight limit). They should sell out quickly.

Under 250 grams.
Thanks for the heads up, Preston.

The lighter the drone the more unstable it becomes then it is windy.

I was looking into this myself. Got my hopes up too soon. Commercial use still requires FAA registration and part 107 regardless of size or weight. Interesting thought, a friend of mine is a private pilot and told me one of the reasons behind the push for “Commercial UAS” licensing was that drones were cutting into private pilot profits in the real estate/aerial photography business. Pilots spent large $$$ on planes and pilot qualifications to start these businesses and then when drones came along, anyone could provide the same service for just a few hundred dollars. According to my friend, he heard a lot of fellow pilots complaining about this around our local airport hangout prior to the part 107 becoming law.

I think I’ll stick to my Mavic 2 Zoom for inspections and commercial flights, better quality images, more stable in winds, etc. For family outings or personal use, I will be ordering one shortly. What a great little drone to have on hand and not have to worry about a mishap with my business equipment.

I love my Mavic Pro Platinum…Yep!
It has somewhat of a zoom I think it is x2.