Thoughts on Mississippi Inspector Board

Just wanted to see about getting an outside the state opinion on this. I’m not sure how many other states have their own inspector board or if it is common for the inspectors to be regulated by the real estate commission.

I know that I learned of this story from the newspaper yesterday, with a follow up report on our local tv news last night. Seems the state could have sent some kind of a notice to the licensed guys in the state to inform us what’s going on.

Maybe I’m over thinking this, but I just don’t like the idea of it.

I can only say great things about the Mississippi Home Inspector Board. They’ve been very good to InterNACHI:

That’s our thought, as well!
Hopefully everything will remain the same under the “new” Board.

Great things because the approve a course? WOO HOO!! Great to NACHI, bad to Mississippi membership.

When do inspectors get to control the RE industry? Let me answer that…NEVER!

Truth be told, I’d much rather deal with a Real Estate Regulators than a board made up of home inspectors. I spend a lot of resources stacking home inspector licensing boards… something I don’t have to do with government agencies.

Stacking them with what? That spin made no sense.:roll:

Just tell them to look at Texas, and the dozens of lawsuits it creates; and huge confilcts of interest.

Government is moving in; in many ways.

Just look at Kansas. They wanted to keep the board so bad that they fired the guy who started it, and replaced two members with appraisers.

It no longer pays to be honest. Join the basic, minimum soft report writing society, or you will never get any phone calls.

The heavy hand is above our heads, and we do not have the money to fight it.

With InterNACHI-friendly/online education-friendly inspectors. Governors have their staff call us and ask for recommendations for appointments to licensing boards all the time. We then have to try to find inspectors from that state, who qualify, and who we think will be of a benefit to InterNACHI members. Our 1,200+ government approvals didn’t come easy.

I was asked many times to join the board. The governor appoints them. So why did he appoint appraisers to the KHIRB, who know nothing about inspections, or are not even licensed to do so, by the board itself?

Any state HI licensing is corrupt, solves nothing, and creates soft, basic, minimum standards, that all RE agent assoications want. They have the money. You need to pander them to get your CE’s approved.

As a CMI, I should be doing dozens of inspections a month. Over 2,500 homes sell here in the KC area every month, and I am lucky to get 15 inspections. The agents want the soft, cheap guys.

I have to decide to join their cause, or get lost. This is coming to every state. Be cheap, or find another line of work.

Looks like MS ignored you this time around and called the NAR. Maybe they’ll call InterNACHI when thy need a real estate board?:roll:

The RE associations call Nick to get the CE’s approved. Then the RE’s can say that “their” inspectors are educated. Fact is that just about everyone can take these courses and pass them.

It is like getting a license to drive. Take an easy test, and you are the best driver in town. Duh.

Sad what is happening to our country. Soft, basic minimums are the rule these days. HI’s that do a better job just do not get as much business as the cheap HI’s.

To the RE’s, and lawmakers, cheap is better. Sad. And frustrating.

I have several ASHI and $200 HI reports to prove it. HI’s that join this society are gambling with their futures.