Thoughts on piece meal inspecting

I had a client contact me asking if I could inspect a condo, they wanted me only to inspect the interior, no exterior, no roof, no heating as it was all the responsibility of the condo association. I passed on the inspection. What would you do. It seemed like they just wanted a cheap inspection.

We did the inspections Charged about 75% to 80% worked well for us .

Matthew, No need to pass. Perhaps they did want a cheaper inspection, figure out the time involved and price it accordingly. Per NH Standards you are not required to inspect common area items and it seems that is what they wanted. You can also inspect any property and not include any items requested to be excluded by your client…just document it was excluded by client request. Now…if they wanted a $99 special perhaps best to pass…

Condos are easy money.

Condo inspections are typically limited to the condo unit, not exterior and common areas and systems under the purview of the condo association.

As such the inspection fee is typically less.

Here most guys charge $300 for interior only and $350 including exterior. Yes condo are quick and easy. I have no idea why you would pass on something like that? Here, there are at least 3 times more condo sales than houses, they are a major part of what we do.

What would you typically charge for condo interior only in the nh market

What would you typically charge for condo interior only in the nh market. I had originally quoted him 225 which I thought was cheep he asked if I could go down I passed at that point.

I get the impression that you aren’t quite sure what your market bears for this type of inspection. And that’s fine, quote what you want and the market will give you answers.

Matthew, I prefer not to discuss my pricing model publicly. I have no problem discussing privately.

Does anyone state that the buyer should check to make sure the association has money to do repairs and upkeep?

I understand Mark, any help or advice would be appreciated. I will private message you or email you.

Get as much as you can :slight_smile:

Everytime. :slight_smile:

A partial inspection is not a cheaper inspection, they are an inspection that takes less time, so you charge less. I will inspect any part of a building or house. I base my hourly rate on what consumers pay to get their cars fixed at dealerships.